The legend of Källan

The source - A place for health, gathering and recovery for a thousand years

Källan - A place for health
and enjoyment for a thousand years

Far in the forests of northern Sweden up on the highest mountain in the province of Västerbotten, there is a mythical spring that protrudes from the underground. Old folk tales testify to strength and magic in the water that made life around flourish.

There are many stories of long-distance visits at festivals when the water in the spring was considered to have extra powerful properties and was the best cure for diseases and ailments. There is still an enchanting silence there and only the sun’s rays manage to find their way down between the dark trees that guard the place. The water therefore remains immobile and nothing seems to disturb the clear reflection from the surrounding forest.

Of course, the water has a strange attraction. Perhaps it also has unimaginable properties as it has remained in the ground for such a long time. Maybe thousands of years? Many visitors stay long and contemplative. They let their own thoughts find their own flow. How did Källan come about? How long has it been around? How could the place have become so quiet and invigorating for the soul?

Nowadays, there are all possibilities for you who wish to take part in the Source’s collective power. Do as people and reindeers have done since ancient times, come to Källan and experience its power, tranquility and magic.

* A legend is a short fairy-tale-like story that connects to a certain place. A legend, unlike the saga, claims to be true. Certain specific people or places are often named.