General booking conditions

General booking and cancellation terms

You and the hotel agree on the terms of the room rental. The name of the company that operates the hotel (hereinafter referred to as “Källan” or “the hotel”) and with which you enter into an agreement appears from the booking confirmation. Unless a special agreement has been reached, the following rules apply. For conferences and group bookings, special rules apply.

Booking and confirmation

A booking is binding once it has been confirmed and you have received a booking number. This can be done orally, in writing or via a booking system. When booking, you are obliged to state your name, address, time of arrival and departure and how payment is to be made. Different rules apply for different prices, see detailed price information.

Booking for minors

To book a room at Källan, you must be at least 18 years old. You who book the room for a minor are responsible regardless of whether you live or do not live with the minor in the same room. At Källan, minors under the age of 18 cannot live without the guardian’s company, the certificate does not apply.

Bring guests to the room

For security reasons, we only allow our employees and checked-in guests to stay freely in hotel rooms or other reserved premises. The hotel is a private property, therefore the hotel reserves the right to expel people from the hotel’s property.

Arrival and departure

Check-in times are from 15:00 the day of arrival and time for check-out applies until kl. 11:00 check-out day. Early check-in and late check-out can be arranged with the hotel reception and may incur additional charges. Read our detailed price information on what applies to your stay online.

Cancellation and no-show

– The cancellation policy varies depending on the price you have booked, read carefully detailed price information online. The hotel does not reimburse costs related to optional products (for example accessories such as fruit tray, cheese tray, flowers, lunches, dinners, entrance to the spa and the like). Cancellations are made online via the hotel’s website.

Unless otherwise agreed, the following applies:

  • Cancellation at least 15 days before the day of arrival, refund of hotel accommodation is made with 100%.
  • Cancellation at least 7 days before the day of arrival, but later than 14 days, refund of hotel accommodation is made by 50%.
  • Cancellation later than 7 days before arrival, but latest until 12:00 (local time), 2 days before the day of arrival, refund of hotel accommodation is made by 25%.
  • Cancellations after kl. 12:00 (local time) 2 days before the day of arrival or if you are absent without cancellation, you will have to pay for the entire booking.

Early departure and indefinite stay

If your booking is for a specific period of time but the departure takes place earlier, this may lead to price adjustments. Contact the hotel and announce departure. If you stay at the hotel indefinitely and extend your stay by one day at a time, you need to notify the departure no later than 12.00 the day before. Otherwise we have the right to charge for an extra day. If the hotel can no longer let you use the room, you have the right to know this no later than 18.00 the day before departure.

The hotel’s obligations and your wishes

Let the hotel staff know when booking if you have specific requests so they are prepared for your arrival. Our hotel is non-smoking. If a guest violates the smoking ban, the hotel has the right to claim compensation for any costs incurred. If you want to bring your pet with you, please inform us when booking. The hotel receives an alcohol permit and therefore guests cannot bring their own alcoholic beverage. If a guest violates the rule, the hotel has the right to demand compensation of SEK 1,000 / person which is charged to the room.

Storage of valuables and luggage in the hotel room or in the luggage room

Your valuables can usually be stored in the hotel’s safes. The hotel can also store your luggage in a locked luggage room. Do not leave valuables or luggage unattended at check-in / check-out, breakfast or while waiting for a taxi. For security reasons, the hotel has no obligation to store property of high value or property that could endanger the hotel staff or other guests. The hotel does not have any strict liability for property that you keep in the hotel room or in the trunk.


For certain prices and for online bookings, advance payment applies. Read detailed price information. This amount is deducted from the final bill. If you cancel the room without regard to the cancellation policy, the hotel reserves the right to retain the booking fee / advance payment. In general, the hotel bill must be paid when you receive it, usually on arrival at the hotel or when booking online. When booking online, no refund of optional products applies. Please note that all our hotels are cash free. Our hotel accepts the most common credit cards and Swish. However, the hotel is not obliged to accept credit cards, checks, coupons or foreign currency if the hotel has not offered to do so.

Your own safety

Always find out where the emergency exits, alarm button and fire extinguisher are. Look for details in the information on the inside of the hotel room door. Also read the brochure “Staying in a hotel”.

Processing of personal data

The source processes personal data about those who use our services and products. Källan Hotell Spa Konferens AB is responsible for personal data with regard to personal data related to your booking. Such personal data processing takes place in accordance with the hotel’s Privacy Policy. Please read the Source’s Privacy Policy to understand how the hotel processes your personal data within the framework of your booking, as well as your rights in connection with this.

Payment terms

The booking is paid at the time of booking.

Forgotten items

Källan Hotell & Spa does not take responsibility for forgotten objects in rooms or public areas.
Found items are stored for 3 months with us and it is up to you as a guest to contact us to get the property back via our website.
Underwear, make-up, hygiene items and the like are not saved.
Engagement rings and valuable goods are handed over to the police after the expiry date, the rest is left for recycling or thrown away.