Snowmobile weekend

Take your own scooter to Källan and enjoy the inland snowfall during the day and the Hotel's Restaurant and Spa in the evening.

Bring your own scooter to Källan! Källan hotel as a destination is very well suited for the experienced snowmobile drivers.

Take the scooter from home from almost anywhere in Norr- and Västerbotten and follow the nice snowmobile trails all the way to the hotel entrance in Åmliden. It is also possible to load the scooter on the trailer. In our spacious parking there is plenty of space to load and unload scooters as well as to park the trailer during your stay with us. In the vicinity of Källan Hotel there are nice trails and also the opportunity for good ice fishing as well as high peaks that are well suited for day trips. In the evening you enjoy good food and drink in our restaurant and bathe and bathe in our Spa department.

Should your party want to do something else during the day, it is possible to book treatments as well as skiing both on the length that performs in the vicinity of the hotel.

Link to Ledkarta:

Snowmobile trails in Norrbotten and Västerbotten

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