Restaurant Källan

Food for body and soul

Enjoy views and food in Restaurant Källan



Food for body and soul

Enjoy views and food in Restaurant Källan

Restaurant Källan

A restaurant with panoramic views of Lapland. We always make it with care, good ingredients and love for the craft. Call and book at least 24 hours before you arrive for a guaranteed pleasant experience.

À la carte menu for dinner
Great ingredients are a matter of course on our menu. Here you will usually find game and fish up close as well as vegetarian alternatives. Feel free to enhance the taste with one of our good wines from the hotel’s wine cellar. Treat yourself to a visit to Restaurang Källan and enjoy food to Restaurang Källan’s beautiful view. There is always a choice of chefs from the seasonal menu (feel free to report allergies).

Today’s lunches
For all our lunches, salad and Källan’s own bread baked with organic flour, coffee / tea and home-baked cookies with real butter are also served. Lunch can be pre-booked and served Monday to Friday between 12: 00-13: 00

Källans café
Here is also Källans Café. Come in and have a good homemade cake and sandwiches. Open Monday to Saturday between 14: 00-17: 00.

Source Bar
Here is also Källans Bar with a well-stocked selection of local and international drinks.

Welcome to enjoy food and views at Källan Hotell.

Weekly lunches

  • Pasta with Västerbotten cheese sauce.

  • Minced steaks in a creamy mustard sauce served with boiled potatoes and gravy.

  • Cabbage pudding with rice and lingonberry jam.

  • Bacon-soaked chicken fillet with mashed potatoes and green peas.

  • Lasagne with minced meat sauce, feta cheese and sun-dried tomatoes.

  • The kitchen is closed for lunch on Saturdays.
    Dinner available with pre-booking

  • The kitchen is closed on Saturdays for lunch and Sundays (lunch and dinner)

Bread, butter, drinks and coffee are always included.

For more information about our lunches Contact Us .

We follow the Swedish Public Health Agency’s recommendations regarding COVID19.

Källan Bar

In our bar we have beer and wine from local producers together with a carefully selected range of drinks from Sweden and the world.

À la Carte dinner menu for groups of more than 6 people

  • Nötcarpaccio

    Served with Västerbotten cheese flakes and roasted sunflower seeds

  • Smoked Fjällrödingstartè

    Served with dill cream

  • House salad or Källan coleslaw

    Served with bread

  • Västerbotten cheese pie

    Served with soft cheese cream

Main course
  • Deer fillet (150g)

    Served with potato cream, butter-fried asparagus and red wine sauce

  • Beef tenderloin (180g)

    Served with roasted root vegetables and red wine sauce

  • Pork fillet (150g)

    Served with mashed potatoes and creamy sauce topped with roasted walnuts

  • Källan Moose Burger (120g)

    Served with baked sweet potatoes and Källans coleslaw

Fish Shellfish
  • Butter fried cod (150g)

    Served with cauliflower rice, wild chanterelles and white wine sauce

  • Spicy chicken fillet (150g)

    Served with mashed potatoes, roasted lace and plum sauce

  • Fettuccine

    With Västerbotten cheese sauce and butter-fried chanterelles

Children's menu
  • Hamburger (60g)

    Served with french fries

  • Sausage (2pcs)

    Served with french fries


Lemon pie with cream and citrus zest flakes

Vanilla ice cream with warm cloudberries

Creamy chocolate fondant on raspberry mirror

Affogato (vanilla ice cream soaked in freshly brewed espresso)

For dessert, the Source recommends:

Espresso or brewed coffee

Avec or licquor from the selection in the bar

Why not a classic Kaffe Karlsson or Irish Coffee?