Möhippa and Svensexapaket

Celebrate the bride-to-be or groom with a great day!

Möhippa- and Svensexa at Källan!

Tailor your own package for bachelorette parties or bachelorette parties and add on with all the options that are luxurious for your stay and frame the experience with a golden edge.

Start by booking our basic package with accommodation with breakfast and entrance to the spa and luxury for it by booking on optional products.

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Accommodation with breakfast

Accommodation with breakfast

Business packages

Business package for those who travel on business.

Day conference package

Welcome here to the day conference!

Day Spa

Relax and experience a wonderful half or full day in our Spa.

Gift card

Show your appreciation to and give away a gift card

Lunch-to-lunch conference

Lunch-to-lunch conference at Källan!

Luxury Spa

Enjoy a lunch and entrance to a luxurious moment in our spa.

Party package with Spa

Celebrate someone's birthday at Cozy Source!

Source Spa Packages

Treat yourself to an overnight stay at Källan!

Wedding package

We organize your wedding party for an unforgettable memory