Lavender dream

Massage with lavender oil that cleanses and balances body and mind.

The treatment begins with a deep cleansing and circulation-enhancing Turkish body scrub. After a mindfulness massage with lavender oil embedded in heat, a scalp massage is given with hot oil and finally a pleasant foot massage.

Treatment time : 75 min
Award : 1185 kr

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Aroma massage

Aroma massage. Choose between 25 or 50 minutes of massage time.

Care of Gerd Spa kit

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Classic massage

Classic massage. Choose between 25 or 50 minutes of massage time.

Energizing Massage and Bath

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A soothing, cleansing and revitalizing cure for tired and stressed skin.

Feel-Good Day Spa

Full day with good food, spa treatments and relaxing bath / sauna.


A pleasant and beneficial treatment for both feet and soul.

Fringe and eyebrows

Picking of eyebrows and coloring of lashes and eyebrows

Infrared heat treatment

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Nature spa

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Relax Room Lounge

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