Sustainability policy

Källan Hotel Spa Conference Vision

Our vision is to deliver qualitative experiences that inspire people from near and far to relax, take a moment for themselves, learn something new and get in touch with Swedish nature.

We want to be an obvious partner in hotels, conferences, spas and restaurants with other companies and private individuals who want to stay, experience and commercialize the Swedish mountain environment in a sustainable way and in balance with nature.

We want to achieve this by delivering a holistic experience with quality. Our employees are well trained to meet the Källan goals: service through well-planned and well-thought-out routines; enable our guests to experience the tranquility at the facility and in the natural environment around Åmliden. We offer a positive dining experience.

The goals of Källan’s sustainability policy are:

  • to prevent and reduce the environmental impact
  • to contribute positively to society
  • to meet legal requirements
  • to constantly improve sustainability performance
  • that the policy will be implemented, improved and communicated continuously

Källan must actively work with the following areas of responsibility to achieve the goals of the sustainability policy:

  • Financial responsibility : Källan must ensure that the financial resources are managed so that the company’s future is secured in the best way.
  • Environmental responsibility: The source must conduct the business in such a way that the earth and its natural resources are not negatively affected over time. We must inform and follow an environmental policy.
  • Social responsibility : The source must conduct a responsible business that takes into account the health and well-being of people affected by the company.
  • Supplier responsibility: Källan will build long-term relationships with our suppliers and ensure that the supply chain becomes an asset to comply with the sustainability policy. Källan must take into account the following issues during the evaluation of the annual activity:
    • How do we plan and evaluate our purchases?
    • What requirements do we place on our suppliers and how do we ensure that they are complied with?
    • How do we encourage and promote sustainable development among suppliers and other stakeholders?
  • Employment and working conditions: Källan must strive to develop and engage the employee. Källan wants to offer a good workplace and stimulates a flexible and versatile workplace. Källan has introduced a rule of thumb based on the dialogue with employees (2020), we have agreed on five statements:
    • Here we work with joy and will
    • Here we have a straightforward and open communication
    • Here we are helpful to each other
    • Here we are caring and trust each other
    • Here we respect each other and are open about how it feels
  • Share and implement the sustainability policy : Källan’s policy must be shared with the employee, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders via the company’s website.

Every year, Källan evaluates operations to improve the quality of our products, our routines and to ensure that this sustainability policy is complied with.